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Here you will find e-books on a variety of subjects...all with the "poor man's" perspective.  Books on :

  • DIY Wind Power (FREE)
  • Homemade Grid Tie
  • Solar Hot Water (FREE)
  • Welding with Batteries
  • DIY Amp Meter
  • Motor Analyzer for Windmill Applications.

I'm always working on new ways of doing things.  I'm always tinkering in my shop, doing experiments, and generally having a good time.  I love to take what some would call "junk" and find a new use for it.  I'm always writing new books or programs, so check back from time to time. 

Checkout the new software package called DC Motor Analyzer for Windmill Applications  This software is absolutely necessary if you are designing a homemade windmill.  If you get the windmill book, this is now included with the download.